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Return to Attawapiskat


Aired on CBC’s The National

One cold week in Ontario’s north, with temperatures which fell below -25 degrees Celsius. The assignment was to cover the shocking state of housing which the local First Nation community in Attawapiskat were dealing with after a state of emergency was declared. 3 of us travelled to the reserve, assigned to produce a few news items plus a long form mini doc/current affairs item.

Not only was the weather cold but the welcome we received from the community as outsiders was also chilly. Technically this was mostly shot with a Sony PDW700 and a 4.5-11 lens, a gopro2 and edited on avid mc5. The story was edited over a day and bit included compressing and sending via FTP. The compressing and transferring took well over 100mins due to a slow internet connection, compounding the stress was the fact that “the national” that evening was being shot on location requiring an earlier than usual deadline.

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Reporter : Adrianne Arsenault
producer : Nicole Brewster

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DOP, lighting cameraman / editor working in Canada and around the world.

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