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Haiti 2010


Story from the Haiti Earthquake aftermath.. (2010)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When I answered the phone I didn’t expect the voice on the other end to mumble…. “Jon., er.. you don’t have to do this of course, but we are thinking of sending you to Haiti.”. pause. “maybe tonight.”.

Only a few hours after the massive 7.1 earthquake hit the caribbean country Global Television, in Canada, mobilized 3 reporting teams. These teams, consisting of just a reporter and cameraman, left from various points with very little information on what they woulHaiti 2010 Haiti 2010d encounter. From the Toronto office, Mike Drolet and Elias Campbell headed to the Dominican or D.R. as it would be later referred. Paul Johnson and Barry Donnally tried and succeeded to enter Haiti via Miami. Catching a ride on a charted plane carrying the APTV crew with all of their satellite gear. I was teamed up with reporter Anthony Robart and we packed our bags and headed to the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario. After a long wait we got a ride with the Canadian Forces on one of their C17’s to HaitiIMG_0035.JPG.

I was only expecting to be on the ground for 5 days max, but ended up staying for 10. Mostly, we slept outside the Canadian Embassy then moved to an historic hotel for the last few days. All of us filed stories daily for Local, National and affiliate Global Television stations. My equipment included, DSR-570 with a J9x5.2 wide angle, Final Cut Laptop with a rugged lacie drive, Tripod, Sat Phone, Canopus AV110, and a satellite Bgan. Plus a pelican case load of granola bars and wet wipes.

For the first few day we managed to feed via CBC/SRC’s uplink outputting directly from Final Cut via my canopus box. We later moved from the embassy to an internet service provider and were able to compress and FTP our stories back in time for our early deadlines.


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