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digislider review


So I purchased the digislider kit online a few weeks ago because it checked two boxes. Slider, and timelapse motor. Also, for the price it seemed fairly well made and had good reviews.

I have been using it for the last two weeks and can confirm it performs well as a timelapse slider useful for long exposures.

The few minor cons I see to its design are: stiff slider carriage (can not be moved by hand even if the motor is not engaged) granted this is also a plus for elevated timelapses but for video work will be a minus.
The control box markings a bit small so it’s hard to tell what the interval you have set.

However for the price it is a bargain and is performing well. Around $800cnd after shipping and taxes.

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  • Worst customer service ever, stay away from this product, its cheap and of low quality. You are better off spending a few more bucks and buy a proper brand..They set aside any kind of customer service, I had a faulty controller and still no words on getting a new one..

    Christian March 17, 2015 5:36 am Reply

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