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3 months ago

2017 CBC work Recap

Footage from: Radio Canada – Tijuana Washington – Trump 2017 Inauguration Florida – Hurricane Huston – ...

6 years ago

Haiti 2010

Story from the Haiti Earthquake aftermath.. (2010) Thursday, January 14, 2010 When I answered the phone I didn’t expect the voice on ...

6 years ago

Argentina Pope reaction

Aired on CBC’s The National Winner of the 2014 CSC Roy Tash Award (Spot News)   Shot during the first Sunday service the ...
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6 years ago

Return to Attawapiskat

Aired on CBC’s The National One cold week in Ontario’s north, with temperatures which fell below -25 degrees Celsius. The ...

6 years ago

Fight for the Faithful

Aired on CBC’s The National (more…) Aired on CBC's The National ...